About our products

A reduction describes a liquid from which water has been removed during the cooking process. This creates a more intense taste.

"Infusing" means that the liquid is mixed with fresh herbs, this takes on their taste and the herbs are then almost completely filtered out of the liquid.

We produce in Augsburg.

Yes, in contrast to most beverage manufacturers, we do not have contract filling. We believe this is the best way to guarantee the quality of our products.

Since the SESES fruit reductions are alcohol-free, there is almost nothing that cannot be done with them. They are the basis for spritzes, non-alcoholic aperitifs, cocktails, long drinks, frozen drinks or even hot drinks.

That is basically up to everyone. However, you will find specific recommendations under our recipes.

The SESES fruit reductions have a very good balance between sweetness and acidity. The fruit is always in the foreground and is supported by the taste of fresh herbs.

NO! A classic syrup consists largely of sugar to which aroma and/or fruit juice concentrate is added. Our fruit reductions, on the other hand, contain up to 30% fruit and have a balanced ratio of sweetness and acidity.

Shipping Information

We ship throughout Germany with DHL.

Delivery takes 2-5 working days.

Write us an email with your order number and pictures of the damage (to the packaging and the bottles) to info@seses-drinks.com. You can find the order number in your order confirmation, which we sent to you by e-mail.